Shock Test High G

Mechanical shock tests evaluate conditionsthat may occur during transport or with the later use of an object. The test focuses on possible deterioration of the test object characteristics, or simply on evaluation of the constructive design or dynamic behavior. Loads are specified higher than with vibration testing, but are of short duration and frequency.

  • Mechanical shock
  • Parameter monitoring/recording
  • Online/offline testing

Avex Schock System "High G"

Impact energy depends on

  • Pressure
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Buffer

=> 0- 50,000 g acceleration of integrated shock amplifier

Our service range

  • Implementation of combined temperature and humidity tests, as stand-alone tests or in combination with vibration
  • Control, operation, and monitoring of test objects, e.g. for service life tests or for the verification of function with climate impact

  • Support with the creation of (time-accelerated) test programs
  • Construction and production of requisite equipment for the operation and monitoring of test objects

Our climate cabinets

Mounting surface 25 x 25 cm
Piston stroke 43 cm
Max. velocity 8,4 m/s

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