Guarantee process for automotive lamps, headlamps, assemblies, and accessories

OSRAM products are innovative and technologically high-quality products that are carefully-tested and subject to the strict monitoring undertaken by the OSRAM quality assurance system.

Should you still be unsatisfied, you can find information concerning guarantees at OSRAM.

Guarantee process for LED headlights

With OSRAM LEDriving the exchange of the halogen headlights with a headlight, equipped with LED daytime running light, OSRAM xenon and signal lamps, is easily possible. Customize your car with a new, stylish look and whiter light in comparison to halogen lamps – completely ECE approved. Get more information on the guarantee here.

Guarantee process for LED assemblies

Whether fog lights or daytime running lights – OSRAM offers many LED assemblies according to suit your taste and price range. LEDs are suitable for exterior lighting, as they are durable and vibration-resistant. Furthermore, they are very efficient and achieve a high brightness with low power consumption. Here’s how the guarantee for LED assemblies works.

Guarantee process for LED accessories and ambient lighting

While driving in the car or truck or taking a bicycle tour, the LED accessories family by OSRAM offers mobile, energy efficient, and stylish lighting for your ride. You also can develop a totally unique interior illumination with OSRAM ambient products equipped with modern LED technology.

Guarantee process for LED replacement lamps

OSRAM offers modern LED retrofit products for interior vehicle lighting. With completely new light effect, up to 80% less energy consumption, and with up to a six-year guarantee.

Unique guarantee for ULTRA LIFE headlight lamps

The ULTRA LIFE product families come with rock-solid guarantees for non-commercial usage. ULTRA LIFE halogen lamps convince with three years guarantee, plus an additional fourth year with online registration. XENARC ULTRA LIFE lamps provide a unique 10-year guarantee for end consumers with online registration.

Guarantee process for XENARC ORIGINAL headlight lamps

Xenon lamps provide brighter light, a wider visibility and save both the driver’s time and money in replacement and maintenance. For end-consumers OSRAM offers a four year warranty for XENARC ORIGINAL lamps. OEM products are excluded from the guarantee scheme.