On the safe side when exercising in the dark

On the safe side when exercising in the dark

Active LED lighting to enjoy outdoor activities in safety

Making sport and leisure clothing more visible with LED light solutions

Twilight, darkness and poor visibility are not ideal conditions for outdoor sport or leisure activities. Headlamps may illuminate the path in front of you, but that does not mean that you can be clearly seen.

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Now, however, OSRAM has developed LED lighting solutions for textiles so outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy sporting or leisure activities without having to worry about being visible. As a maker of sports and leisure clothing, you can incorporate these lighting innovations into your textiles so fans of early morning and evening sports have added reassurance that they can exercise in safety.

Luminous motorbike clothing for enhanced safety on the road

Motorbike clothing manufacturer Held is cooperating with Osram to improve visibility on the road by including a range of models in its current collection that can be retrofitted with LED light modules from Osram. This move allows greater visibility and enhanced safety for motorcyclists during the night hours and in foggy and similar conditions. "Integrating textile lighting in motorbike clothing offers a completely new way to enhance safety in road traffic. Together with Held, we have developed an effective solution especially for motorbike clothing," says Stefan Hofmann, Head of the Smart Textile Illumination business unit at Osram. Right on time for the motorbike season, Held is launching two motorbike jackets as well as a safety vest, which can be retrofitted simply by the motorcyclists themselves with actively illuminated light modules from Osram.

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LED lighting for sports clothing and accessories

Our bright ideas for your sports and leisure clothing

Make your range of sports and leisure clothing – like jackets, for example – safer for wearers. OSRAM’s light technology is available in a variety of colors with either continuous or flashing light to suit your individual requirements. The LED systems integrated into the textiles can be safely washed* in the washing machine. The power supply for the LEDs comes from a power bank and the wearer can control the color of the lights.

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*Washing temperature up to 60°C, drying up to 90°C