Light is pure - Expert in Water purification

Light is pure - Expert in Water purification

OSRAM UV lamps

Off-Grid Kenya

Kenya's natural water resources do not provide adequate water delivery to the vast regions of the country. Therefore, most of the population lacks access to clean drinking water.

In 2008, OSRAM launched a unique project —Off-Grid Lighting—on Lake Victoria, Kenya, designed to produce light independently from a grid-based power supply. Recognizing Kenya’s drinking water supply problem, OSRAM put the Off-Grid Lighting project to work for water purification. Integrated units were installed, which filter rain and groundwater to provide pure drinking water. This is achieved by treating the water with OSRAM UV lamps so that bacteria and viruses are eliminated. Up to 3000 litres can be purified to drinking water quality every day.


  • Low-pressure Hg discharge lamp
  • RoHS compliant
  • With UV-C transparent long-life coating

  • Soft glas tube
  • Single UV-C peak @ 254nm
  • Not generating ozone
  • High efficiency (30% UV-C output)


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Did you know?

What is healthy drinking water?

There are currently three authoritative and representative international standards for drinking water quality:

  • WHO’s Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality,
  • EC’s Drinking Water Directive, and
  • USEPA’s National Drinking Water Regulations.

These three standards are the basis for most national or regional drinking water standards. The standards assert drinking water should be sterile and free of toxic and hazardous substances, contain minerals required for human health, and have high permeability and solubility.

How can we ensure healthy drinking water?

Drinking water must be sterilized to ensure safety. The aim of drinking water sterilization is to kill or inactivate pathogenic microorganisms. Standard methods include sterilization with chlorine, chloramines, ozone, and ultraviolet light.

The smell of disinfectant in tap water currently indicates to people that their water is sterile; however, this smell is often the result of harmful chemical by-products, such as chloroform, dichloroacetic acid, nitrile chloride, bromate, formaldehyde, and chlorite. Chemicals do not need to be used in the purification process at all.

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Other UV Application fields

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