OSRAM TYREinflate and TYREseal

Portable air compressors and tyre seals

Many vehicle owners probably only remember them twice a year: tyres. Changing from summer to winter tyres and vice versa is a given for many owners. But what happens between those changes? The optimal tyre pressure has many advantages for your car and can improve road safety. With OSRAM's new range of practical air compressors, maintaining your car tyres will be easier than ever. Make measuring the tyre pressure a routine before every journey and after your car was parked for a longer period of time. The pleasant feeling of having ideally prepared your car for the next journey will be your steadfast companion.

Your advantages
Maintaining your tyre pressure regularly helps keeping control of your vehicle on the road. Furthermore, the optimal tyre pressure prevents increased abrasion and can therefore prolong the replacement cycles for your tyres. This saves money, as correct tyre pressure can also reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, the carbon dioxide emissions of the vehicle are reduced. With the new TYREinflate assortment by OSRAM, you can now quickly and easily check the pressure of your tyres yourself and adjust it if necessary. This is particularly easy to do with the TYREinflate Connect 650 compressor, which can be connected to your mobile phone via app5. Now you can easily save tire pressure information for your car.

Flexible in use
Whether at home in your garage, at a car park by the road, on holiday or on your next business trip: The portable compressors of the TYREinflate family are handy, light and easy to store thanks to their compact dimensions. Finally, you no longer have to deal with different tyre inflators at gas stations. Save yourself time and frustration: thanks to OSRAM's automatic tyre compressors, every tyre pressure test becomes child's play.

Easy handling
TYREinflate Connect 650, TYREinflate 200, 450 and 1000 tyre pumps have a 12V car battery connection. The rechargeable, extremely compact TYREinflate 2000 compressor works wirelessly and is therefore a practical companion for use in hard-to-reach places or on motorbike and bicycle trips. The models TYREinflate 450, TYREinflate 1000 and TYREinflate Connect 650with their backlit digital displays work very fast and are easy to operate thanks to large buttons. They also have an automatic stop function that sets in when the desired tyre pressure is reached. The tyre pressure can be saved for the next check. The OSRAMconnect app5, which can be connected to the TYREinflate Connect 650 via Bluetooth, even saves the tire pressure settings for up to 5 cars - with the vehicle name and picture.

Wide range of applications
Of course, you can use OSRAM's automatic tyre pumps not only for your car tyres, but also, for example, for the tyres of your motorbike, bicycle trailer and even strollers, provided they are fitted with pneumatic tyres. Suitable adapters and a valve needle are included in the scope of supply and ensure the inflation of sports equipment, inflatable boats, balls, air mattresses, water toys, etc. without any problems. TYREinflate 2000 can also serve as a power bank.

Overview of the OSRAM TYREinflate family

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Product features

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Works with OSRAMconnect appXXXXXXX
DisplayLarge digitalLarge digitalLarge digitalLarge digitalDigitalDigitalDigitalAnalog
Inflating time12 min3.5 min2 min2 min2 min3 min3.5 min4.5 min
Auto stop functionX
Rollable 12V cableXXXX
Powerbank functionX5.200 mAhXXXXX
Storage bagXX
Gloves & spare valve capsXXXXXX
OSRAM guarantee22 years2 years2 years2 years2 years2 years2 years2 years
Watch our detailed videos for more infoAvailable soon TYREinflate 4000: Product video TYREinflate 2000: Product video TYREinflate 1000: Product videoAvailable soonAvailable soon TYREinflate 450: Product video TYREinflate 200: Product video

The OSRAM tyre inflators in action:

OSRAMconnect –
connects you with your car

Tire pressure management via app: for your car or your fleet

Connect the Bluetooth-enabled TYREinflate Connect 650 compressor to the OSRAMconnect app and save the tire pressure settings that are right for your car! Do you take care of the maintenance of several vehicles? It is possible to save up to 5 different vehicle profiles with name and picture. The app also detects possible tire pressure loss.

Download the OSRAMconnect app here:

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Say goodbye to tyre changes

Thanks to TYREseal 450 or the TYREseal kit, you're back on the road in no time

Back on the road in only a few minutes

A flat tyre is annoying – no matter where you’re going. The innovative tyre sealant, however, changes the game – and changing a tyre oftentimes isn't necessary anymore. The TYREseal 450 particle gel by OSRAM seals holes3 with a width up to 6mm, without using a car jack or any other tools. You can easily fill up the tyre with an air compressor afterwards and you're back on the road in approx. 10 minutes. You've already got an OSRAM TYREinflate compressor? You can simply buy the sealant TYREseal 450 separately. The TYREseal kit is sold in a handy bag, containing both the compressor as well as the sealant.

TYREseal Kit

Two for one

Easy to handle and efficient in use. Get your complete kit including particle gel for refilling smaller damages (of up to 6mm)3 and air compressor. Be back on the road in a short amount of time. The TYREseal kit comes in a handy bag for optimal safekeeping and with a 2-year OSRAM guarantee.2

More information about the product: TYREseal Kit

TYREseal 450

The spare bottle for the original tyre sealant for your car

Many new cars are delivered with only a tyre sealant. Once the bottle is empty, TYREseal 450 is the perfect replacement. But even in older cars, the sealant by OSRAM, in addition to for example a product from the OSRAM TYREinflate family, can work as a replacement for a spare tyre. TYREseal 450 comes with a 2-year OSRAM guarantee.2
Save weight and thus fuel and CO2!

More information about the product

Back on the road in only a few minutes

TYREseal Kit

TYREseal 450

1 Based on inflating a 13” tyre from flat to 2.41 bar
2 Please refer to our guarantee pages for precise conditions
3 The tyre sealant can't be used to repair damage to the sidewall of a tyre
4 Inflation time based on a bicycle tyre from 0 to 5.5 bar
5 iOS and Android. More info on available app languages.