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Nearly every driver is slightly apprehensive of hearing their starter sputter. A weak or even entirely discharged battery does not only delay your plans, it is also very frustrating. Especially in winter, car batteries are heavily impacted, restricted in their function or discharge quicker. Forgotten devices, such as the radio or the car's interior lighting waste energy – especially in older cars without automatic shut-off. If there is no neighbour with jump leads in sight and time is running short, handy and powerful jump start batteries can help recharge your vehicle's battery quickly.

Emergency helper
Become independent of third-party help: OSRAM's BATTERYstart with lithium-cobalt-technology will get you back on the road in no time. Simply pick the product matching your engine displacement – thanks to their compact build, all three jump start batteries are easily stored in your vehicle's glove compartment and therefore always ready to use if needed.

Small but powerful
Convenient dimensions and – depending on the model – a weight of 300g to 700g: The BATTERYstart jump start batteries are handy and powerful, all in one. Best of all, thanks to their USB connection, they also function as a powerbank and can charge mobile devices such as smartphones, cameras, tablets and more. In addition, all models come with a bright LED light which helps connecting the battery at night or in dark areas. Built-in safety precautions prevent damage from, for example, polarity reversal, overheating or a short circuit.

Ready at the push of a button
Please read the user manual of your BATTERYstart product carefully and preferably directly after purchase. In case of an emergency, you will thus be prepared and aware of which actions to take. To jump start a vehicle, connect both jump leads to the car battery according to their poles. The correct connection and disconnection sequence is described in the instructions. At the push of a button, the BATTERYstart products release a pulse triggering your battery – you are then ready to restart the engine. Remember to fully recharge your jump starter afterwards so it will be ready to use again.

Find the right product for your vehicle
The BATTERYstart family includes jump start devices suitable for 3l to 8l petrol engines or 4l diesel engines. With the right device, you can start smaller cars and motorcycles as well as vehicles through to SUVs, box vans and vans. BATTERYstart 400 is also equipped with a 12V socket and can therefore supply power to accessories with a 12V plug outside the vehicle, such as coolers, fans or portable tyre inflators.

Product features

BATTERYstart 200

BATTERYstart 300

BATTERYstart 400

Battery capacity6,000 mAh13,000 mAh16,800 mAh
Recommended petrol engine size (up to)3l6l8l
Recommended diesel engine size (up to)-3l4l
Cranking amps150A300A400A
Peak amps500A1500A2000A
Charging time2 hours3 hours3 hours
No. of USB sockets 2.1A122
12V Power socket connection--
Powerbank function
LED torch function
Storage case
OSRAM guarantee2 years*2 years*2 years*

* Please refer to our guarantee pages for precise conditions

The jump start device for workshops: BATTERYstart PRO

Recharges itself within 60 seconds