Safe and seen – from dusk to dawn

Safe and seen – from dusk to dawn

Active LED light solutions for active safety at work

Workwear with LED illumination provides extra safety when working in the dark

Certain situations can be dangerous for workers, especially outdoor jobs in dark or semi-dark conditions. That is why reflectors are incorporated into personal protective clothing. Without incident light, however, reflectors are ineffective as a safety precaution in the dark.

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Inspired by the desire to further reduce occupational hazards, OSRAM developed LED systems that provide active illumination. As a manufacturer of workwear and personal protective clothing, you can now offer your customers a higher level of occupational safety by integrating active LED illumination into your products in addition to the traditional reflectors.

Showcase: LED lighting in Uvex workwear

In 2017, OSRAM partnered with Uvex to bring the first LED work jackets and safety vests to market. The active illumination systems provide an extra layer of safety to protect workers in the dark and when visibility is poor, for example on building sites or during road works. The LED systems from OSRAM are fully integrated into the Uvex safety clothing and are powered via a USB-connected power bank. Clothing with integrated LEDs can be safely washed.

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Our bright ideas for your workwear

Now you can make your range of workwear and safety accessories even safer for wearers. Our LED solutions can be integrated into helmets as well as jackets and vests. OSRAM’s light technology is available in a variety of colors with either continuous or flashing light to suit your individual requirements. The textile items with integrated LEDs can be safely washed. * The power supply for the LEDs comes from a power bank.

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*Washing temperature up to 60°C, drying up to 90°C