Smart textiles that can do a lot more than light up

Smart textiles that can do a lot more than light up

Smart solutions ensure better visibility and extra safety

Heading outside in the evening hours or the dark always poses a certain amount of risk. The integration of active LED light solutions in clothing can make road users safer by making them more visible. However, improved visibility is not always enough to prevent accidents and this can be doubly challenging in isolated areas.

That is why OSRAM created LED light solutions that support additional smart functionality. Digital functions like transmitting location data or placing an automatic emergency call can play a key role in getting assistance rapidly to someone who has just had an accident. As a manufacturer of workwear, sports and leisure clothing or outdoor equipment, you can integrate the active light modules along with these and other digital solutions into your products to add value for your customers through innovative and smart safety features.

Smart textile illumination – the idea

Our smart digital ideas for your products

Integrate LED light solutions and smart safety features into your products – whether textiles, back-packs, bags or helmets. These digital solutions support countless user-centric services, such as checking and transmitting vital functions like heart rate.

Contact us today – especially if you have your own exciting ideas on how to take safety to the next level.