General Lighting Monthly Review March 2017

The new DURIS® E 2835

30.03.2017 | Products

DURIS® E 2835

The DURIS® E 2835, the new low- power LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, is ideal for efficient and homogeneous lighting applications. The combination of a small lumen package, a wide beam angle and a compact footprint is perfect for uniform light distribution.


Benefit from homogeneous illumination and exceptional cost-effectiveness. The DURIS® E 2835 meets the user requirements for cost sensitive applications. That’s why they are the preferred choice for replacing fluorescent tubes or light bulbs in the field of home, shop and office.

Lenses, reflectors, PCBs, heat sinks, active coolers, drivers and more necessary accessories are available through our “LED light for you” network partners


  • Footprint of 2.8 mm x 3.5 mm
  • with high value in lumen per dollar
  • Value package with optimum lumen package to retrofit and linear light
  • Viewing angle of 120° ideal for homogenous linear light distribution

Applications in indoor general lighting, e.g. Residential, Office

  • Linear light including fluorescent replacement lamps
  • Area lights including troffer and panel lights
  • Signage e.g. channel letters
  • Industry applications e.g. white goods