18.10.2018 | Products

DL® 20 - Light guides the way

Design luminaire for cost-effective and future-orientated street lighting

Outstanding design, powerful LED technology and outstanding lighting technology, all in one street luminaire. The DL® 20 stands for cost-effective lighting with a [...]

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14.06.2018 | Products


that spine-tingling feeling.

Amazing moments. Perfect lighting. The SIRIUS family combines sports and event lighting in one system. For unforgettable experiences and that spine-tingling feeling.

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06.06.2018 | Products

Lumos® 3

Light is OSRAM

Well-lit presentation areas in food retail draw attention to products and boost sales. Individually customizable accent lighting is a prerequisite for optimized [...]

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14.07.2017 | Products


APOLLON® – Flexibility and good light

These are the central elements of the APOLLON® range [...]

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26.06.2017 | Products


SiCOMPACT® – industrial-look design comes together with state-of-the-art technology

SiCOMPACT® features maximum reliability, robustness,ease of installation and quality and it´s a real multi-talent in use [...]

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01.06.2017 | Products

Modario® PM

LED trunking solution for industrial areas with high visual demands

Workers need ideal visual conditions with high levels of visual comfort for the safe operation of machinery. Precisely this is achieved by Modario® PM [...]

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01.06.2017 | Products

Compact High Bay

Rotationally symmetric high bay luminaire for industry and retail

Compact High Bay is available with two construction sizes for the industry and retail sectors. Various reflectors as decorative accessories are available for [...]

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18.05.2017 | Products

Light is simple - Compact Monsun®

The LED damp-proof luminaire range for challenging lighting tasks.

Compact Monsun® is the tried-and-true range of luminaires for challenging tasks in damp and dusty surroundings [...]

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15.05.2017 | Products

Modario® PS

LED trunking insert with individually callable lumen packages

With Modario® PS, multi-lumen on/off ECGs enable 10 different luminous flux levels in just one luminaire - for lower luminous flux and now also for higher luminous [...]

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15.05.2017 | Products


A simple track spotlight for basic accent lighting in the retail sector

PUNCTOLED® Track is ideal for basic applications in the retail sector and features simple accent lighting with good colour rendering and high uniformity [...]

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18.04.2017 | Products


Directional spotlight for basic applications in shop and retail

PUNCTOLED® Spot is ideal for basic applications in the retail sector thanks to an outstanding price-performance ratio and rapid payback times. The luminaire head [...]

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06.04.2017 | Products


Always in the right light – from workstations to general lighting

A simple design, precise light distribution and easy mounting - the LEDVALUX® range of downlights. The universal lighting solution with various constuction sizes [...]

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16.01.2017 | Products

DL® 30

Redesigning decorative road lighting with superior product design

One luminaire for maximum design flexibility - for the consistently uniform design of residential streets, plazas, shopping boulevards, green areas and parks.

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13.02.2017 | Products

Modario® PS IP64

Trunking solution with callable lumen packages for challenging surroundings

Surroundings with dust, soiling, humidity and operating sites exposed to fire hazards are ideal terrain for the Modario® PS with IP64 and D symbol.

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16.01.2017 | Products

CLO 2.0 - The revolution of CLO

Light is efficient

Constant lumen output (CLO) has been one of the main control features with modern urban lighting during the last years. Like the name already says this function [...]

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15.12.2016 | Products


Light is sales-promoting

Designed as simple track spotlights for flexible retail lighting, Siteco VISTOSA® is aimed completely at high levels of functionality.

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13.01.2017 | Products

SCRIPTUS - outstanding design, outstanding light

Design luminaire for professional office lighting

Designed by the well-known Berlin design studio Aisslinger, the office luminaire shows a clear, modern form and is available with different lenghts and diverse [...]

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16.12.2016 | Products


Light in perfect form

As a complete luminaire range for the whole city, DL50 LED provides new options for urban lighting. With a simple and clear design, yet discreet and concise at the [...]

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20.10.2016 | Products

Floodlight 20 maxi LED

Light for wide areas and sports

Light for large areas. Light for sports locations. Floodlight 20 maxi LED supplements the range of floodlights in addition to the current construction sizes of [...]

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13.10.2016 | Producte

Streetlight 20 LED

The new LED road luminaire with an innovative current feed concept

The Streetlight 20 LED is the new LED road luminaire range from the OSRAM subsidiary Siteco. Based on efficient lens technology, it represents a genuine [...]

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01.09.2016 | Producte

Lunis LED family

Light is brilliant

Lunis LED is the new range of LED downlights for demanding requirements. Maximum quality in terms of design, optics and quality of light – with high flexibility [...]

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24.08.2016 | Products


Light has been redefined

Harmonious light, high quality design, a diversity of models and unique functionality – the TARIS family is a new generation of LED luminaires and the ideal choice [...]

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11.07.2016 | Products

Modario RS

Light is flexible

Modario RS – that’s the Siteco trunking system for demanding lighting tasks in industry and retail applications. As a completely compatible modular lighting kit, [...]

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29.08.2017 | Products

Town and park luminaires

Module 540

The future of town and park lighting starts with the LED Module 540. The module features a high level of visual comfort and unique optical control [...]

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Full flexibility with just one luminaire family

APOLLON® is the sophisticated luminaire family for office and general lighting. Glare-free, integrative and a pleasant light atmosphere all thanks to uniform [...]

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light is shaping

As the newest member of the Siteco Office family, Silica® stands for flexible lighting solutions in architectural environments. Light becomes a special design [...]

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Light is exceptional

Scriptus® is OSRAM’s luminaire for modern office environments. It’s an attractively designed lighting tool that provides high luminous flux and complies with all [...]

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Light is redefined

Featuring harmonious light, top-class design, a diverse range of models and unique functionality, the TARIS® product family represents a new generation of LED [...]

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