Dignified background for war memorial

Park Bosnjaci - Zagreb, Croatia

A memorial should radiate a sense of dignity, should be a place of reflection and should also be able to blend into its architectural surroundings while being noticeable and promoting thought. Certainly not trivial, especially when it serves as a reference to recent history. Such is the memorial for the Bosnian victims of the Yugoslavian war in Park Bosnjaci in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb. The circular memorial is illuminated with LED solutions from Siteco and Traxon. LED lighting becomes a part of the overall design of the ensemble and provides a highly dignified background.


Kategori: Smart City
Konum: Zagreb, Croatia
Teknoloji/Hizmetler: Luminaires
Yıl: 2012

The actual lighting task consisted of optimally and pleasantly illuminating the green areas and paths while at the same time avoiding any light spill. As part of the overall concept, much importance was placed on the visual appearance of the park luminaires.

The DL® 20 from Siteco was the ideal choice for meeting both requirements, and the luminaire blends harmoniously, almost invisibly, into the park landscape because of its appearance during the day, it's purist language of design and filigree effect. The two brackets exiting the mast that resemble branches of a tree add to the attractive design and support the ring-shaped luminaire head as a crown. This makes the design simultaneously organic and technical, and ensures that the DL® 20 has a special, almost sculptural effect during nocturnal hours.

The DL® 20 was also the ideal choice in terms of technical and photometric requirements for the park lighting. The innovative optical system of precisely matched lens and facet reflectors generates uniform light distribution with very good luminous efficacy, and the light is emitted specifically onto the surface to be eliminated. A positive secondary effect: light spill into the hemisphere above is avoided, which in turn avoids disturbing insects and birds active at night.

All DL® 20 LED luminaires feature symmetric light distribution and are equipped with the Plus light management system for variable light management scenarios and night-time reduction. A decision was taken for a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin (warm white) for the LEDs in order to adapt lighting to peripheral road lighting that features yellowish high-pressure sodium vapour lamps.

The LED luminaires are grouped symmetrically around the core of the structure: the central memorial dedicated to the Bosnian victims of the war in Croatia. The monument consists of white stone and 30 dark grey marble plates in which the names of the war victims have been engraved in white lettering. This strong contrast and also the special nature of the material surface was a particular challenge for the lighting installation, and it was a case of reducing the glare reflected from the stone to ensure that the names engraved remain easily legible.

Liner XB from Traxon were selected specifically for this task. The linear LED strips have been designed especially for the illumination of such architectural details and feature outstanding light output for both indoor and outdoor applications. The key to good legibility or good rendering of contrasts within the inscriptions was in the fine calibration of the light colour. Thanks to Dynamic White, the system could be set so that the white contour of the inscriptions stands out especially well from the dark surface and has a deep and three-dimensional appearance. LED solutions from Traxon together with Siteco DL® 20 luminaires thus help to give the interior of the monument a special, highly unique illuminated appearance.


  • Siteco DL® 20
  • Traxon Liner XB Dynamic White

Proje Ortağı

Client:CIty of Zagreb
Building developer:City of Zagreb, Street Lighting Department
Project management:City of Zagreb, Street Lighting Department
Architect:Mesud Buzimkic
Planner:Elicom d.o.o. Zagreb

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