Shedding the right light on fine automobiles

AUDI AG - Ingolstadt, Germany

The new generation of Audi TT coupés and roadsters will get to see the light at the Ingolstadt works in Hall N42. Over 3,100 Siteco luminaires will be making the ‚birth’ of the new cars an illuminating experience. Especially for the employees, who despite all of the hall installations can concentrate on their work thanks to the uniformly high lighting levels. Foe each individual activity the correct light: Modular trunking systems, 4x80W large-area highbay luminaires and modern secondary reflector technology come together to create excellent, homogenous lighting conditions.


Kategori: Industry
Konum: Ingolstadt, Germany
Teknoloji/Hizmetler: Luminaires
Yıl: 2007

Sporty roadsters and good lighting have one thing in common: both leave a lasting impression. The chassis of the TTs are constructed in the hall N42 at Audi, Ingolstadt. The racy vehicles certainly appeal in terms of looks and technology. Just as convincing are the lighting solutions deployed, combining the most modern technology and optimal lighting performance with an attractive appearance. That is the reason why the premium brand Audi took the decision to install lighting from Siteco.

Logistics and production areas each consist of 15,900 m² with additional offices, social areas and stairwells – this must all be illuminated with energy efficient lighting solutions incorporating advanced lighting technology. Construction surfaces should be illuminated as much as possible from the production line areas in order to guarantee an uninterrupted assembly. It was therefore decided to go with the 4-lamp Siteco large area highbay luminaires (4x80W), mounted at a height of eight metres. They have the capability to illuminate assembly areas up to 8m on both sides of the production lines with 300 lux. That only leaves the inlay areas, wider hall areas and the stage areas needing to be lit with additional trunking luminaires.

The combined use of DUS® trunking and Siteco large area highbay luminaires within the production area and DUS® IP20 and DUS® Plus creates homogeneous lighting conditions with a high vertical lighting component in the logistics area (DUS® IP20) and offices (DUS® Plus).

Siteco Mirrortec® technology guarantees highest levels of luminaire efficiency and a uniform illumination within the beam area for the open, foyer-like architecture of the offices and their connecting stairwells. The Siteco Projector 400 and the Siteco 5NW139 reflector with Fresnel technology with their high quality, purist design complement each other perfectly, allowing for an exactly defined beam area. Lunis® C Downlights with their VirtualSource® reflector technology provide additional viewing comfort with high efficiency levels in this building area.

The Siteco lighting solutions implemented at Audi satisfy and go beyond the requirements of current industry standards with their high levels of uniform illuminance and vertical lighting components. The well-being of employees and their work productivity are positively influenced. Highest requirements for lighting quality correspond with the self-confidence of Audi as a brand name that combines success with passion.


Indoor lighting:

  • DUS® trunking luminaires
  • Siteco high bay luminaires
  • DUS® trunking system
  • DUS® Plus trunking system
  • Siteco Mirrortec® secondary reflector technology
  • Siteco Lunis® C downlights

Proje Ortağı

Building developer:Audi AG
Client:Audi AG
Architect:Obermayer Planen und Beraten, Munich
Planner:Fact GmbH, Böblingen
Installer:Hörmann Industrietechnik, Gaimersheim

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