Innovative “Apartimentum” smart home building relies on intelligent lighting solutions from OSRAM

Apartimentum – Hamburg, Germany

XING founder Lars Hinrichs created “Apartimentum” in Hamburg, a smart home that is far superior to many others in Europe in terms of intelligence and connectivity. Arguably the most ambitious smart home in Germany, it aims to provide personalized living and make residents’ day-to-day lives significantly easier using state-of-the-art technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). As a lighting partner, OSRAM has also made a clear contribution with smart products and solutions, with Apartimentum being one of the first houses in the world in which smart and connected lighting technology LIGHTIFY Pro is used throughout.


Kategori: Street & Urban
Konum: Hamburg, Germany
Teknoloji/Hizmetler: Luminaires
Yıl: 2016

The Internet of Things at Apartimentum aims to provide smart and energy-saving living, offering tenants maximum convenience. The smartphone checks the owner’s calendar entries, wakes them automatically in time for their first appointment, controls heating and hot water in the bathroom, checks the traffic and looks for alternative routes in case of traffic jams, adjusting the wake-up time if necessary. When tenants return home, the elevator is already coming down as soon as they drive into the garage.

As the lighting partner, OSRAM ensures that Apartimentum also meets the highest standards and individual needs in terms of lighting with its innovative products and smart solutions. Apart from powerful standard luminaires, specially developed LED solutions in particular contribute visibly and tangibly to greater comfort and well-being for the residents.

Tailor-made LED lighting solutions from OSRAM Lighting Solutions with the OSRAM, LIGHTIFY Pro, Siteco and Traxon brands

In the hallways of the apartments and the public areas such as corridors and stairwells, attractive LED surface-mounted luminaires – equipped with OSRAM LIGHTIFY GU10 PAR 16 Tunable White (TW) LED lamps – produce a discreet but bright light. In kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, tailor-made linear OSRAM LINEARlight Flex LED modules provide special accents with white (Tunable White) cove lighting. Tunable White RGBW LED light ceiling modules are responsible for bright light similar to natural daylight, including in rooms without windows. In the stairwells, large LED ceiling modules take on the role of skylights with regard to both their visual/architectural effect and their lighting effect.

The extremely narrow linear Traxon Nano Liner Allegro LED lighting system immerses the facade of Apartimentum in a particularly attractive and modern light. What’s more, a Traxon Media Tube LED module is used as a “traffic light” for controlling traffic at the entrance to the underground car park. Siteco LED luminaires ensure bright and safe outdoor lighting, for example in the grounds.

The most extensive LIGHTIFY Pro project in Germany

Various systems can be controlled wirelessly and via IP using apps – from blinds to air conditioning, as well as the lighting of course. Apartimentum is one of the first houses in the world to use the smart and connected LIGHTIFY Pro lighting technology from OSRAM throughout. Each apartment is equipped with its own LIGHTIFY gateway and each resident has their own tablet which has the LIGHTIFY control app installed.

Lighting scenarios can be individually programmed and selected from the app – in keeping with human centric lighting concepts which place people at the center of the lighting solution. Dynamic white light that follows the brightness and light color of natural daylight supports the well-being of the residents and contributes to a very high quality of light.

Full and individual support from OSRAM

In collaboration with the OSRAM system partner, Hamburg-based company Stageled, OSRAM provided in-depth and project-oriented support to the customer and all partners involved in this pioneering project – from planning the system and tailored LED solutions to personal LIGHTIFY support for system integration.

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