Streetlight 11
The luminaire of the future

With modern streetlighting, towns and cities provide an important contribution to their energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and future viability.

21.12.2017 | Products

A modern design, high quality of light, efficient performance and reliable functionality? Simple operation, low maintenance complexity, intelligent light control, a future-fit luminaire concept, state-of-the-art technology and ready for integrating smart solutions beyond light? A new road luminaire in the form of Streetlight 11 is on the way to already fulfilling the complete bandwidth of light requirements in modern towns and cities – as well as in tomorrow's smart cities.

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Up to 80% energy saving

Compared to obsolete luminaires equipped with high pressure discharge lamps – and with a significant improvement to the quality of light

"We need the best light at the best price – and with the best ecological balance" - Leif Jansen, freelance city planner

The reasons: today's towns and cities spend 40% of their electricity costs just for lighting, and we all know: Europe can only achieve its climate protection and sustainability targets if communities and the industrial sector consistently improve their energy efficiency.

Contributes to significantly improving the uniformity of the illumination

"Safety is a factor of location – and can be increased with intelligent lighting design" - Leif Jansen, freelance city planner

High pressure discharge lamps have two major disadvantages: their spherical light emission and their size. Approximately 50% of the emitted light is usually not deflected by a reflector. This on the one hand causes the typical “bright spots” below the luminaires, and on the other creates unevenly distributed light between the luminaires, the so-called dark zones. High levels of visual comfort without safety gaps are only achieved with uniform illumination. The high-definition reflectors of Streetlight 11 mainly illuminate the areas between the luminaires. The result – homogenous illumination that is impossible with high pressure discharge lamps.

Precise control solutions

Perfect for digital processing of all relevant data

"We're currently creating the framework conditions for tomorrow's smart towns and cities" - Leif Jansen, freelance city planner

70% of all people will live in cities up to 2050. Modern, networked infrastructures are indispensable for the success of future towns and cities. These range from intelligent traffic control and wide-area public internet to open data communication systems. Modern road lighting is an essential element in the future "hardware" of the city. How individual scenarios will be depends on future technical developments, the specific urban context and other factors.Today though it is a matter of creating modular, expandable platforms that can grow with future requirements.

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