Creating ideas, delivering lectures and presentations, collaborating on projects, discussing tricky issues, developing visions for the future – of ce tasks differ greatly in terms of topics, media and computer use, spatial arrangements, and consequently, lighting needs.

Luminaires and light management systems by OSRAM Lighting Solutions enable pre-de ned illumination scenarios, adapt them as required, and create ideal, glare- free visual conditions for productive working.




Developed with superior usability in mind, SYMPHOLIGHT 2.2 is the powerful software for lighting control with the aim of highest usability. With a visual, intuitive interface SYMPHOLIGHT 2.2 simpli es programming and the use of lighting controls for medium to highly complex projects. Based on advanced timeline programming, it combines easy xture and project set-up, content creation, automation and execution control in a single application.


SymphoGraph collects, aggregates and visualizes data of our customer to optimize there Business. It bene ts the customer by providing an overview of resources (energy, people, assets), giving optimization proposals as a basis for consulting. All with the goal of growing business or increasing turnover.


CBRE, Amsterdam (NL)

OSRAM easy

As digitalisation progresses, our world is becoming increasingly complex. Lighting no longer stands on its own, but becomes part of an overall solution. In this ever evolving world, where new possibilities are constantly emerging, OSRAM stays by your side. To make the digital world of the future tangible for you – and easy.


CBRE, Amsterdam (NL)

OSRAM supports “Healthy Office Study”

CBRE researched the effects on people’s well-being through appealing interiors, healthy nutrion, offers for mental-physical balance and circadian lighting installation. The biological activating lighting installation by OSRAM was specified for the of ces’ primary lighting structure.

Siemens Headquarters, Munich (GER)

OSRAM illuminates the new Siemens headquarters

The new Siemens corporate headquarters in Munich has a forward-looking and variable spatial design and utilisation concept. OSRAM supplied the lighting solutions, ful lled the requirements of the globally active technology corporation and also demonstrated that light can be more than just lighting.

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