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Innovative LED luminaires, daylight systems and light control. All OSRAM HCL solutions focus on optimum utilisation for you.

Human Centric Lighting solutions from OSRAM essentially contribute to levels of well-being in modern office environments. Our LED luminaires enable all design standards to be complied with. These effectively support visual perception. They also blend harmoniously into the surroundings, interact with the space, and thanks to the possibility of individually controlling the light colour they are able to influence photobiological processes in the human eye.

Various daylight systems are available for the efficient ingress of natural daylight without excessive exposure to heat. The lighting can be optimally and individually adapted to the human circadian rhythm due to holistic design and intelligent control. In this way artificial light and daylight ideally supplement each other.

Especially effective: dynamic white light

Dynamic white light with brightness levels and light colours modified according to the course of day support our natural biological rhythm to increase our well-being and performance capability. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a wide spectrum of innovative LED solutions using OSRAM and Siteco brand luminaires for the flexible and individual design of HCL concepts and solutions.
All about dynamic light

Individual control: OSRAM LMS

Decisive for the success of Human Centric Lighting is implementation of the right light control for correct handling of light in accordance with usage profiles and building situations. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a variety of modern light management systems (LMS).

Using natural light: daylight systems

Natural sunlight can be optimally integrated into lighting concepts with daylight systems. These use the physical laws of reflection, absorption and refraction to perfectly illuminate rooms efficiently and with a flawless energy balance while avoiding energy input.

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