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PrevaLED Compact Z3

Product family features
  • Asymmetric lambertian light distribution
  • High module efficacy: up to 150 lm/W
  • Overtemperature protection (when operated with OT LED power supply with LEDset)
  • Dimmable to 20 % of nominal output power
  • Very long lifetime (L80 B10): up to 100,000 h (temperature at Tc = 80 °C)
Product family benefits
  • Extremely compact high-performance module
  • Suitable for various areas of application thanks to high luminous efficacy
  • Easy electrical connection thanks to standard connectors
  • Future-proof dimensions for reliable designs
  • 5 year guarantee
Equipment / Accessories
  • System matches to OPTOTRONIC outdoor control gears


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Total useful luminous flux
Color temperature
Color rendering index Ra
Luminous efficacy
Data sheet
PL-CP-Z3-2500 740
2500 lm 4000 K 70 147 lm/W 95.0 mm
PL-CP-Z3-4000 740
4000 lm 4000 K 70 143 lm/W 95.0 mm
PL-CP-Z3-6000 730
6000 lm 3000 K 70 125 lm/W 110.0 mm
PL-CP-Z3-6000 740
6000 lm 4000 K 70 140 lm/W 110.0 mm
PL-CP-Z3-8000 730
8000 lm 3000 K 70 125 lm/W 110.0 mm
PL-CP-Z3-8000 740
8000 lm 4000 K 70 143 lm/W 110.0 mm

Information about Family

Zhaga standard module for reflector based street and outdoor area lighting.

One characteristic of this product is the high luminous density of the LED module. It has an average lifetime (L80 B10) of 100.000 hours and is also CE marked as well as ENEC certified. Available colour temperatures are 4000 K or 5000 K and the dimensions are aligned with Zhaga Book 4.
Areas of application
  • Suitable for outdoor applications in luminaires with IP > 54
  • Outdoor: street lighting and wall washing
  • Area lighting
  • Areas with high ceilings

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