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Product family features
  • Line frequency: 0 Hz | 50 Hz | 60 Hz
  • Versatile scope of application due to output power range of up to 50 W
  • Supply voltage: 220…240 V
  • Available with output current range: up to 350 mA
  • Non-isolated drivers
Product family benefits
  • Small housing design
  • Fixed current
  • Lifetime: up to 100,000 h (temperature at Tc = 65 °C, max. 10 % failure rate)
  • High quality of light thanks to low output ripple current
  • High efficiency
  • Fulfill safety requirement due to overload, overtemperature, Hot Plug protection


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Nominal output voltage
Nominal output current
Data sheet
OT FIT 30/220…240/125 D L
54…216 V 125 mA 210.0 mm 30.0 mm 21.0 mm
OT FIT 45/220…240/200 DL
54…216 V 200 mA 210.0 mm 30.0 mm 21.0 mm
OT FIT 50/220…240/250 D L
54…216 V 250 mA 210.0 mm 30.0 mm 21.0 mm
OT FIT 50/220…240/300 D L
54…175 V 300 mA 210.0 mm 30.0 mm 21.0 mm
OT FIT 50/220…240/350 D L
54…150 V 350 mA 210.0 mm 30.0 mm 21.0 mm

Information about Family

Optimized price/feature ratio – great featureset for budget pricing.

Remarkable about this product is the small housing which is only 210mm long and the high efficiency of up to 90%. A dedicated current per driver and a low ripple contributing to the lighting quality mark some additional characteristics. This device is also suitable for emergency lighting units.
Areas of application
  • Linear lighting for office, education, industry, storage areas and retail
  • Installation in emergency lighting systems according to IEC 61347-2-13, appendix J
  • Suitable for installation in emergency lighting systems according to EN 60598-2-22
  • Suitable for luminaires of protection class I



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