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HTI DALI 105/230…240 DIM

Product family benefits
  • Very low power consumption thanks to high efficiency
  • Through-wiring possible on the primary side
  • Large temperature range
  • Protective operation throughout the entire partial-load range for long lamp life
Areas of application
  • Effect and accent lighting
  • Living rooms
  • Object lighting
  • Conference rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Recessed and surface-mounted ceiling luminaires
  • Shop lighting
  • Event rooms

Technical Data

Electrical data

Lamp wattage

35…105 W

Line current

0.45 A

Input voltage DC

176…275 V

Nominal voltage

230…240 V

Power factor λ



Operating frequency

40 kHz


Nominal output voltage

11.6 / 11.4 V

Mains frequency

50…60 Hz

System wattage

108.00 W

Max. ECG no. on circuit breaker 10 A (B)


Max. ECG no. on circuit breaker 16 A (B)


Galvanic isolation primary/secondary

4.00 kV

Inrush current

0.6 A

Dimensions & weight


170.0 mm


44.0 mm


34.0 mm

Wire preparation length, input side

8.0 mm

Wire preparation length, output side

8.0 mm

Mounting hole spacing, length

140.0 mm

Product weight

160.00 g

Temperatures & operating conditions

Ambient temperature range

-20…+50 °C

Maximum temperature at tc test point

75 °C

Additional product data

Design / version

Long with cable clamp


Dimming method

DALI or Touch DIM/Touch DIM Sensor

Dimming interface

Phase cut-off

Overload protection

Automatic reversible

Overheating protection

Automatic reversible

Short-circuit protection

Automatic reversible

Max. cable length to lamp/LED module

2.0 m

Cable/wire types, input side

H03VV-F 2x0.50 / H03VV-F 2x0.75 / H03VVH2-F 2x0.75 / H05VVH2-F 2x0.75 / H05VV-F 2x2.5 / H05VV5G 1.5 / NYM-O 2x1.5 / NYM-J 3x1.5 / NYM-J 5x1.5 mm²

Cable/wire types, output side

H03VV-F 2x0.75 / H05VV-F 2x0.75 / H05VV-F 2x1.5 / H05VV-F 2x2.5 / NYM-J 3x1.5 / NYM-J 3x2.5 / NYM-O 2x1.5 mm²



Dimming range

0.1…100 %

With AC; 1…100% with DC

No-load proof


Certificates & standards

Approval marks – approval

E1 approval / VDE / VDE-EMC


Acc. to EN 55015:2006 + A1:2007/Acc. to EN 61000-3-2/Acc. to EN 61547/Acc. to EN 61347-2-2

Type of protection


Logistical data

Commodity code


Packaging information




Dimension l x w x h



4008321420633 UNV


1 160.00g
4008321420640 VS

Shipping box

10 235mm x 89mm x 183mm 1711.00g 3.83dm³


Information about Family

The HALOTRONIC HTi is a DALI transformer for use with low voltage halogen lamps, and is suitable where you need dimming below 1 %. Highly energy-efficient, it provides short-circuit, overtemperature and overload protection (electronically reversible) and electrical isolation between the primary and secondary sides. It does not allow switching between the electronic transformer and the lamp. HALOTRONIC HTi is suitable for use inside; for effect and accent lighting, object lighting, recessed and surface-mounted ceiling light fittings and for the illumination of spaces such as conference rooms and living rooms. It is also good for shoplighting and restaurant lighting. It consumes little power, yet has a large temperature range, and its protective operation throughout the entire partial-load range promotes lamp life. You can through-wire HALOTRONIC HTi on the primary side.
Product family features
  • DALI transformer for low voltage halogen lamps
  • Electrical isolation between the primary side and the secondary side
  • Short-circuit protection, overload protection, overtemperature protection: electronically reversible
  • Energy efficiency: ≥ 91 % (according to ErP regulation 2012/1194/EC)
  • Device fits also for special applications where dimming below 1 % is required


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HTI DALI 105/230…240 DIM
34.0 mm Yes 230…240 V 44.0 mm 35…105 W