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21.06.2019 | Products

Performance that pays off: the OT FIT and ELEMENT driver families

Reconciling efficiency with performance is an important criterion when designing lighting systems for warehouses, production facilities or parking garages. To offer the perfect solution for any project, the OT FIT and ELEMENT LED driver families – combined with the new third-generation Basic Linear LED modules – provide a great number of options.

Optimizing cost and performance
Both driver families stand out due to their high quality and robustness, making them ideal even in challenging environments. In addition, four output currents can be flexibly defined via DIP switches. The efficient and reliable ELEMENT LED drivers are the perfect choice for applications where cost efficiency plays a major role. When used in sophisticated projects, the durable OT FIT LED drivers prove their worth through superior lighting quality, a low output ripple current and high thermal capacity.

Combine systems freely according to your needs
Depending on the individual project and the lighting quality required, you can adapt LED modules easily and in no time at all. The third-generation Basic Linear modules are available in two lengths with a lower and higher luminous flux each, enabling various combination options. Combined with a suitable driver, you can create the perfect system to suit the needs of any environment. Find all possible combinations in our brochure.

The high quality and reliability of our lighting systems is also reflected in our guarantees: OSRAM grants a 7-year system guarantee and a 5-year product guarantee.

For more information, download the new overview now and please feel free to contact your OSRAM partner! He/she will present all the options in detail.