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Fit for the Internet of Things (IoT) – with smart OSRAM LED drivers

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25.06.2019 | Products

Smart data enable the smooth operation of lighting systems

The new OTi DALI NFC LED drivers optimally prepare your lighting installation for the Internet of Things: Providing luminaire information and monitoring data, they contribute significantly to optimizing illumination. The standardized DALI interface designed in accordance with the latest DiiA specifications (DALI Part 251, 252 and 253) provides the basis for this future-oriented approach.

Data for smart lighting systems
Integrated into a suitable light management system, the OTi DALI NFC LED drivers can communicate valuable luminaire data via the newly designed DALI interface – including type designations such as lumen output data, CRI and color temperature. Luminaires can thus be commissioned easily and in no time at all – without any manual data input. In addition, the energy consumption data provided by the LED drivers can serve as a basis for optimizing energy efficiency. Luminaire- and driver-related data, such as operating hours and switching cycles, provide valuable input for maintenance and diagnostics. Whenever a luminaire fails, all the relevant data can be read out, ensuring that the necessary spare luminaire can already be ordered and incorporated with the correct configuration. Last, but not least: Diagnostic data enable preventive maintenance.

Efficient and flexible LED drivers
The new OTi DALI NFC LED drivers, available in 25 and 35 W (and also in 10, 15 and 50 W from autumn onwards), can be conveniently programmed via NFC or DALI. These innovative drivers stand out due to their large output voltage and operating range. They come with various programmable functions, providing utmost flexibility to configure all the different parameters based on individual requirements. Thanks to the low ripple current, they deliver excellent lighting quality when combined with corresponding LED modules.

Smart illumination of shops, department stores and offices
The new OTi DALI NFC LED drivers can be combined, for example, with PrevaLED COIN COB G1 LED modules from OSRAM. And thanks to their classic form factors, PrevaLED COIN COB G1 are the future-proof upgrade for conventional MR16 and AR111 luminaires or LED retrofit luminaires in shops, department stores or offices. Combined with OTi DALI NFC LED drivers, these LED modules can be conveniently integrated into light management systems. Simply perfect for this: the DALI MCU digital rotary dimmer as well as the DALI PCU and DALI ACU BT control units, which can both be incorporated into standard flush boxes.

When operated in a system (consisting of LED drivers and LED modules), OSRAM grants a 7-year system guarantee; the product guarantee period is 5 years. For more detailed information on guarantee conditions, refer to

Get your lighting systems fit for the Internet of Things!