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EINSTONE Smart Retail

Comprehensive customer understanding for an exceptional customer experience

The end-to-end solution EINSTONE Smart Retail from OSRAM enables in-store retailers to integrate location-based marketing activities across all sales channels. The solution addresses retailers wanting to digitize their business and improving the customer experience with beacon technology. The intelligent combination of digital customer loyalty program, location-based marketing and the connection to CRM and POS systems will allow them to increase its revenue and the brand loyalty of its customers. Furthermore, our offering will create the ideal circumstances for custom omnichannel marketing. The basis is our OSRAM EINSTONE beacon technology, integrated into the existing lighting technology.

Digital customer card – The key to success

A digital customer card app is the customer loyalty tool of the future. In the age of digitalization, mobile end devices have fundamentally changed the consumers' purchasing behavior. This also applies to the use of the classic customer cards, which are increasingly being offered as a mobile app. In conjunction with beacon technology and retail analytics, brick-and-mortar retailers can engage consumers in real time at the point of sale with welcome messages, discount offers, bonus points or specific product information.

They can leverage a personal user profile in the app and the link with other sales channels to gain a better understanding of their customers and activate personalized marketing offers via the mobile customer card. The success of the campaigns can be measured directly. And the end customers also benefit from personalized and individual offers along the entire customer journey – tailored exactly to their needs.

Increase in turnover thanks to intelligent customer analyses

Intelligent customer analyses are at the heart of the EINSTONE Smart Retail Solution, allowing a holistic view of the customer. The solution offers an unique combination of digital customer loyalty program, location-based marketing, CRM/POS data and maintenance-free beacon infrastructure. Our range of solution services covers requirements analysis, consulting, solution implementation (including connection to existing CRM/POS systems), planning and installation of a maintenance-free beacon infrastructure, and data and campaign management for subsequent operations. The end-to-end solution from a single source.


Increased sales

Specific purchase recommendations and location-based marketing campaigns increase sales and the average shopping cart as well as return visit rates.

Omnichannel marketing

You can use the merged offline, online and mobile data for integrated marketing measures. The digital customer loyalty program creates an additional marketing channel to the customer.

Comprehensive customer understanding

The EINSTONE Smart Retail Solution will help you to understand your customers better – thanks to the intelligent combination of offline, online and mobile data, such as visit rate, favourite products and buying history.

End-to-end solution from a single source

The EINSTONE Smart Retail Solution offers you a unique combination of digital customer loyalty program, location-based marketing, CRM/POS data and maintenance-free beacon infrastructure.

Digitalization along the Customer Journey

1. The EINSTONE Beacon sends a signal to a customer's Bluetooth enabled smartphone app.

2. The customer receives a push message on the smartphone.

3. Personalized vouchers based on the customer's purchase history boost sales.

4. An app-based customer loyalty card connects offline purchases with digital customer account.

5. Retailers benefit from a 360° view and deep customer understanding.


EINSTONE solution

1. EINSTONE beacon infrastructure
Following a needs analysis, we will install the beacon technology at your store as a cost-efficient retrofit solution. The EINSTONE beacons use continuous current because they are directly integrated into your light infrastructure. As a result, the OSRAM technology is both low maintenance and stable. You can use the beacon infrastructure to offer local deals via an app as well as collect data about visits by customers and the length of time they spend in the shop.

2. Mobile app
At the same time, we digitalize your existing customer card and provide it as a smartphone app – designed especially for your needs and in your corporate design. Do you already have an app? That's even better – we can use a software development kit (SDK) to link it to our beacon management system. With the app, you will create a digital communications channel with your customers and attract new users.

3. Campaign and push messages
In the next step, we will link your user-related data from all channels – offline and online (CRM and check-out systems) – with the data from the mobile app. We will clearly display these data in our EINSTONE retail analytics suite. With the help of the Web dashboard, you can now intuitively manage and administer your campaigns: welcome messages, push notifications, vouchers, coupons and much more. And this is how a campaign with the EINSTONE suite works:

- You create a campaign with photos and text directly in the dashboard
- Once you have activated the campaign and a customer approaches or enters your store, you can send a push notification to his or her smartphone
- While the customer pays, the provided coupon can be redeemed directly
- And you can track the success of your campaign in real time via the EINSTONE suite

4. Data analyses
You also gain access to ratings and analyses with the help of the EINSTONE suite, information that creates a complete picture of your customers. You will find answers to such questions as: Which campaigns has the customer already seen? What are the customer’s product preferences? How much time does the customer spend in my store on average? ... and much more

Video: Shortly explained how it works


System Architecture

EINSTONE Smart Retail is a modular system that is able to bring together all relevant customer data – whether offline, online or mobile. The system is made up of elements for location-based marketing, analytics (including a dashboard), and beacon management. Existing CRM/POS systems and location-based apps can also be connected up:

  • Beacon hardware management: Provision of the EINSTONE beacon modules
  • EINSTONE suite (dashboard) with customer-specific reports: Display of redeemed coupons, completed campaigns, etc.
  • Campaign management: Development of personalized offers, invitations, etc.
  • Push notification generator: Activation of the campaign as a push notification directly to the customer’s smartphone
  • Analysis of CRM, POS and sales data: Display of sales data like amount, number, etc.
  • Analysis of customer insights: Collection of customer-specific data like name, customer number, etc.

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