OSRAM EINSTONE Smart Infrastructure

Beacon Infrastructure for several Use Cases

EINSTONE benefits

Digitize your business with new services.

Light is everywhere. Lighting installations form the basis for our EINSTONE Smart Infrastructure. Permanently supplied with power, the EINSTONE beacon modules give you a stable and secure solution that is directly connected to the lighting installation. Not only does this guarantee an ideal placement of beacons, it also reduces the necessary level of maintenance (and the associated costs) to an absolute minimum. EINSTONE provides the basis for implementing a whole range of location-based applications in indoor facilities.

One Beacon network – diverse applications

You would like to offer location-based services such as indoor navigation, orientation for visually impaired or blind customers, or parking space solutions? You want to use smart services to improve work efficiency in industrial environments? Or you would like to locate people and objects, for example in a department store, a production hall or a hospital?

With EINSTONE, OSRAM offers a professional beacon infrastructure that provides numerous digital services – regardless of the use case.

We support your projects with options ranging from single beacons and their integration in a variety of luminaires right through to complete solutions. We also offer a variety of beacon standards: iBeacon, Eddystone and AltBeacon.

Efficient processes through beacon technology

Beacon modules with continuous current supply for large-scale installations

EINSTONE Smart Infrastructure is the ideal foundation for a wide range of applications to make your processes more efficient and transparent.

For large-scale installations of beacons such as in industrial environments, public buildings, museums, office complexes or hospitals, our range of Beacon power modules provides full flexibility. OSRAM's EINSTONE beacons can be connected directly to the power grid with the lighting infrastructure and therefore require less maintenance as they eliminate the need for battery replacements.

The EINSTONE Smart Infrastructure forms the basis for a wide range of potential applications. Here are some use cases in varoius industries.

Asset Tracking:

Locating persons or objects in facilities such as warehouses, production halls or hospitals.

Indoor Navigation:

Guiding pedestrians around buildings such as airports, railway stations or shopping centers.

Mobile customer loyalty programs:

Location-based customer loyalty programs that deliver discounts and mobile coupons via smartphone apps.

Find my Car:

Navigation in large parking garages, from the parking space to a point of interest and from the user's current location back to the parking space.


High signal quality

OSRAM EINSTONE offers strong and stable signals based on iBeacon, Eddystone URL (Physical Web™), Eddystone UID, AltBeacon standard


Our beacon modules offer high security and privacy standards

Low costs

Our solution has low maintenance costs as the OSRAM beacons have a permanent supply of electricity (low maintenance costs)

Easy Beacon Management

Beacon Management & Remote manageability via Backend, over-the-air update management and OSRAM Firmware with energy management


To use location-based services, the mobile device needs to know its current position. This location information can be determined using a variety of technologies, such as GPS, Cell ID (mobile telephony), Wi-Fi or beacons.

Because positioning using GPS or Cell ID doesn't work well indoors, OSRAM decided to develop EINSTONE.

This approach combines beacon technology with the lighting infrastructure. Because the EINSTONE beacons have a permanent supply of electricity, unlike other beacons they never require a change of battery. A power buffer is also integrated so that the transmitters can also operate when the lighting is switched off.

The lighting installation is turned into an intelligent infrastructure that informs the mobile device of its current location.

Functional overview:

  • The lighting system transmits signals that are used to determine the location
  • Mobile devices determine the user's exact position using an app
  • The user's location information is available in the app

Our FAQs on the main page provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about beacons and its technology! You will also find the download links for our application guides EINSTONE module and track.

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Case Study: Smart City Wipperfürth

OSRAM is helping to shape the city of the future with EINSTONE beacon technology

Together with the city of Wipperfürth, OSRAM is working on a joint project for the future of city centers. The Smart City model is an integrated development designed to make cities greener, more technologically advanced and more socially inclusive. It involves using information and communication technologies to interconnect the infrastructures so they interoperate more efficiently than before.

This progressive approach has already been adopted in the North Rhine Westphalian city of Wipperfürth. As part of the renovation of the entire city center, the authorities opted for new LED lighting masts. Work started in Untere Strasse. All the outdoor lighting in the main shopping street has already been upgraded to energy-efficient LED technology and a smart infrastructure solution featuring OSRAM EINSTONE beacon technology has been created. “The renovation work gave us the opportunity to play a pioneering role in implementing smart city technologies in Germany – and that makes me proud”, said Michael von Rekowski, Mayor of Wipperfürth.

A better shopping experience

The smart OSRAM EINSTONE infrastructure is linked to the newly developed WippApp. The app is available as an iOS version and will soon also be available for Android devices. It provides users with up-to-date information on local events, acts as a hotel and restaurant guide and displays current offers from local retailers. In the offers section the discounts are displayed via EINSTONE technology from OSRAM “We are delighted that the city of Wipperfürth has chosen OSRAMs beacon service. That gives the WippApp significant added value and therefore enhances its use. Technical implementation of the beacon signals and the specifications for the outgoing notifications were very simple”, said Alexander Dobrynin, one of the software developers who worked on the new Wipperfürth city app.

Here’s how it works

App users first create an interest profile and give permission for their location to be used. When they walk past a beacon transmitter in Untere Strasse their location is determined and they are sent a location-based notification via Bluetooth. This process operates in real time – and obviously in accordance with the preferences the user has already entered. If users are interested in book offers, for example, a bookseller can supply them with targeted information and boost their sales. OSRAM beacons enable us to improve the shopping experience and show that we mean business. We are increasingly targeting smartphone users and positioning ourselves as a modern city”, added the mayor.

Positive feedback

The response from retailers to the digital marketing opportunities has been extremely positive even only a short time after the system was introduced. Some of the retailers, including an opticians, a kiosk owner and a cell phone shop, were at the launch of the new app. They now regularly provide notifications of new offers. It’s really helpful that each retailer can enter and manage their own content independently via an online user interface. “We run a kiosk selling newspapers, drinks, sweets and cigarettes and had no way of letting customers know about our special offers, other than at the kiosk itself. We now use the OSRAM beacon service via the app all the time and the results have been excellent even after only a short time”, said Ursula Fulko, owner of the Fulko kiosk in Wipperfürth.

More information on the whole project.


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