LED warning lights

More visibility with LEDguardian products

Warning triangle and car on the hard shoulder

OSRAM LEDguardian warning lights are the ideal LED accessory for drivers who want to be equipped for any situation on the road. With their high-performance, white LED light, these products can be used as torches and provide you with light during inspection and maintenance work around your car. The powerful colored warning light emitted by LEDguardian lights also ensures visibility in dangerous locations and attracts the attention of other road users

Discover the OSRAM portfolio of LED warning lights: the high-performance and robust LEDguardian Road Flare emergency light and the multifunctional LEDguardian Saver Light Plus torch. A bright LED light for minor work on your car, practical operation when you are underway, as well as a warning light for dangerous situations - two lights that you should have with you on every journey.


LEDguardian ROAD FLARE - this compact and robust LED warning light offers three different modes of operation: flashing, permanently on, or torch function. Equipped with 16 long-lasting LEDs, the light is visible from a far distance and can provide decisive information about a hazard in case of danger.

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Product catalog: LEDguardian ROAD FLARE


LEDguardian SAVER LIGHT PLUS is a practical all-rounder. Here, you have a torch, warning light, and work light all in one product! With its powerful LED light, as well as details like integrated emergency hammer and seat belt cutter, the LEDguardian SAVER LIGHT PLUS becomes an ideal companion on your journeys.

Product and further information will be available soon.

Product catalog: LEDguardian SAVER LIGHT PLUS