A flexible LED reading light for passenger cars

ONYX COPILOT reading light

Precisely illuminating vehicle interiors

ONYX COPILOT is a flexible LED reading light with pleasantly warm, glare-free light. With its high flexibility, the ONYX COPILOT light has a wide range of options for illuminating specific areas of the vehicle interior.

It features asupple, bendable, and highly robust neck, made of matte black silicon rubber that can be individually adjusted. The ONYX COPILOT can be fixed and has a button for switching on and off is situated on the head of the light. The stylish light is suitable for both passenger cars (12 volt) and trucks (24 volt).


With its elegant and dynamic design, the ONYX Copilot LED reading light achieves seamless integration into vehicle interiors. Its soft, but precisely-defined form, gives the light a modern look without being obtrusive, and the matte black silicon surface achieves a pleasantly warm feel. The supple, bendable but yet highly stable neck can be adjusted according to your needs. This provides maximum flexibility: An optimal reading atmosphere with warm white LED light without glare for drivers.

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