High Speed Recording

Our MotionPro X system features a wide spectrum of dynamic recording options that enables the research and analysis of high speed processes.

Applications can be: Calibration work on the single stations of a production line, detailed lamp recordings with diverse tests.

Technical data

  • 512 x 512 Active Pixel CMOS Power
  • Greater than 5,000 fps with complete resolution
  • Greater than 140,000 fps with reduced resolution
  • USB2.0 interface
  • Supplementary Ethernet Gigabit interface
  • Analog Video output (PAL/NTSC)

Salt mist and condensation water chamber

Salt mist

Condensation water


Max. temperature+55°C+45°C+75°C
Min. temperature5K > TU5K > TU5K > TU

SO2 test

Corrosive gas tests are used for the corrosion testing of metals and for determining the speed of aging with plastics and glass. Another important test area is the testing of coatings and casings for tightness.

SO2 (industrial atmosphere) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6988 / 50018

We have a modular corrosive gas climate simulation system able to implement many standard-compliant test procedures.


1. Phase (8 h)Moistening of lamps, (40°C, 100 % rel. humidity)
Addition of SO2 gas
(sulfuric acid produced on test objects)
2. Phase (16 h)Adaptation to room temperature
(18-28°C, max. 75 % rel. humidity)


1 cycle24 h
5 cycles à 24h120 h

Salt mist in accordance with DIN 50 021


Temperature in chamber35°C
NaCl concentration 50 g/l = 5 % solution
Duration max. 240 h

Corrosive gas tests

in accordance with DIN EN 60068-2-43 Kd
in accordance with DIN EN 60068-2-60 Ke

Corrosive gas tests dilution tank (Typ 600/270)

Widthcirca 630 mm
Depthcirca 630 mm
Height circa 670 mm
Capacitycirca 270 l
Field for climate tests with corrosive test equipment+15 °C to +60 °C
Moisture range10 % r. F. to 93 % r. F.
Water dewpoint +10 °C to +38 °C
Special climate point+25 °C/95 % r. F.

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